What is SEO?

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.” (moz.com)

SEO is a multi faceted process involving many different tools and techniques to achieve your goal.

Having a website that is technically sound and well built is a good foundation. It is important that every page includes meta data (titles and descriptions) that are written well and according to SEO best practices in order to be read properly by search engines. When we build a website, we craft custom meta titles and descriptions to ensure that the site is ready for search engines.

In addition, we make sure that your site has a sitemap and is set up with Google Analytics. This way we can be sure that we give your website a solid foundation.

Furthermore, depending on your business goals and budget, there are a variety of SEO related services we offer such as website audits, social media reviews, editorial reviews and link building.

When it comes to extensive Internet Marketing and SEO Strategies, we recommend Mastermynde. With a proven track record they are our go to company for services such as Pay per Click, Adwords and Reporting and Analytics.

Onsite Marketing included in Website Design

  • Technically sound and responsive website
  • Custom written and SEO optimized meta titles and descriptions
  • XML sitemap
  • Google Analytics integration

Additional SEO Services

  • Website audit to see where you are at and what can be improved on an interface and technical level
  • Social media review to see how your company is represented on social media
  • Editorial review
  • Link building to improve ranking
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