Originally from Germany, I have lived on the West Coast of Canada for more than 15 years. After finishing a degree in English, French and Business at a German university, I transferred to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and graduated with a degree in Communications and Fine Arts.

It was during my time at SFU that I gained experience in Photography, learned darkroom techniques and gained Graphic Design skills using Photoshop. I have always loved art and after my degree I wanted to get more savvy on the computer and to expand my range of skills. Therefore, I took a ten months intense New Media program at the Vancouver Film School. Immersed in a creative environment, I learned how to code websites from scratch as well as Graphic Design, 3D animation and video editing.

It was there that I got interested in a career involving technology and art. It was a fast paced and very creative environment that taught me not to be afraid of computers. I also learned how to work in a team and where to look for information when I need it. After graduation, I worked as a webmaster in Vancouver where I learned to apply my skills to real life projects. For more than 15 years I have been working as a freelance designer, often collaborating with programmers and SEO specialists on a per project basis.

Contact me for a free website audit and to talk about how I can help you take your online presence to the next level.

Astrid Feschuk

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